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Pet move to Berlin


I was able to visit the pets today in Berlin.  Both are very happy after the long journey, and what really impressed me was how clean they were.  Compared with previous moves, this was the best!
Silke and Gisela were both very complimentary about your teams service and communication.

Thank you very much for such an excellent experience. I will transfer the money as per the invoices that were received today.

Kind regards,

Dog to Scotland

Just to say thanks for organising this so quickly. The paperwork that you'd prepared with Lufthansa did the trick - though Lufthansa's Moroccan staff tried their best to sink the plan - and Togo is now safely in Scotland.
Much appreciated and best wishes,

A cat goes to Afghanistan

Hi Drago,

Joey is now in Sacramento, California!
I work for a veterinarian and I dropped him off at the hospital on my way home so he will be there for an exam tomorrow. I hope he sleeps good and can relax and get some good nourishment tonight while he is there.
I took a few pictures before leaving the airport. I'll attach those in two different emails. Once I get him home and get some pictures of him here at the house I'll send a few of those to you as well.

Thank You soooo much for getting our kitty boy to us!  We appreciate everything! My husband is deployed in Afghanistan right now. He is so happy that Joey will be here to greet him when he returns home in March.

Nancy Mack

A Cat flies to Dever

To my Friends at Gradlyn Kennels,

Thank you Drago for helping me ship my cat, Tali from Kabul Afghanistan to his new home in Denver Colorado.  Your emails were always prompt, and you helped me insure I had all the right paperwork and that his connection from Safi Airlines to Lufthansa went seamlessly.
I had a fair amount of concern saving my friend from a life here in Afghanistan and it all went very smooth.  He arrived in Denver purring and happy to meet his new friends and see his new home.

Thanks to Gradlyn Kennels (and a few others along the way) he is assured to have a long, happy life in Colorado and not have to figure out how to survive in Kabul.

Very Sincerely,
Andrew Ferguson
Parker, CO USA

A turtle flies to USA


just wanted to let you quickly know that Grumpy box turtle's arrival went great. Everything went smoothly with her trip it seems and all of the paperwork and procedures were in perfect order for the USFWS inspectors and US customs department etc.. This is thanks to you and all at GK Airfreight.

Grumpy seems quite happy and not very stressed at all. She is already settling in well to her new home.

Excellent job, once again ! And Thank you so very much for everything !!!


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