Reptile transport 

Flying reptiles is our strength.

Transporting reptiles is a particular logistical challenge for everyone.

Snake species like the ornamental tree snakes cannot fly on their own, but they can glide up to 20 meters from tree to tree.Pythons, ball pythons, boas, Gabon vipers are just a few of the snake species which we have already exported and imported around the globe.Snakes, weather venomous or not, are unique animals which have always fascinated is and cast our spell over us.For all snakes especially venomous snake species, we need special escape proof transport boxes because under any circumstances they may not escape.You can now imagine that venomous snakes or endangered snakes which are CITES-listed require special attention in planning of transports on aircrafts.Think of us next time you fly.

Other reptiles such as crocodiles are also always a special challenge because here the safety of humans and animals are the highest priority, too.Most of these species require special temperatures during the flight or road transport. Smaller reptiles such as turtles, lizards, iguanas, geckos and the very common bearded dragons are frequent flyers with GRADLN. Lots of people having these reptiles as pets and when it comes to a move our support is needed.Especially when it comes to an endangered CITES-listed species the required import and export regulations must be strictly noted! We support you professionally with our many years of experience in the preparation and take over the organization of the safe and smooth transport of the reptile. Safe travel planning

What we need: 

  • Quantity of animals to move

  • Common name

  • Scientific name

  • Everything else must be clarified individually according to the species
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With over 50 years’ experience, Gradlyn Petshipping is your specialist provider for international reptile transport.

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Gradlyn Petshipping Header Tiertransport Reptilien Artenschutz