Customs - export clearance

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German customs regulations – the export of animals from the EU to another country

The European rules on cross-border transport, first introduced in 1992, will now be extended to cover all traffic between the remaining EU countries. GRADLYN points out some of the implications of these changes below.

The aim is to provide legal certainty to the european sender of export consignments from the EU. Therefore, paper-based procedures have been phased out and replaced by a uniform process which is exclusively electronic.

There are some obvious advantages:

  • It is now much easier to claim VAT (only if you purchased your animal in the EU and you want to export it to another country)
  • invoice of the export is without VAT (only if you are selling your animal to a foreign country)
  • you recive an export proof, thereby you will have legal security in this context

So what does the whole thing look like in practice?

  • GRADLYN must establish clear evidence of its role as pet transporter
  • GRADLYN requires a copy of the purchase contract, or an export invoice to cover each journey
  • Please provide GRADLYN with your EORI number (European customs number). If you do not have one, GRADLYN will apply for one on your behalf, without charge
  • GRADLYN uniquely requires an authorisation from the seller to apply for the EORI number. >>PDF form to print
  • If the value per consignment is less than EUR 3,000 and no special authorisations are associated with your pet, then an immediate export declaration may be issued as a one-step process. >>more information...
  • If the value per consignment is more than 3,000 Euro and/or special permits are required for your pet, then please allow at least four working days before your flight to complete the two-stage export declaration process. >>more information...

Brief summary:

  • For each shipment, GRADLYN will require a copy of the purchase agreement or an export invoice.
  • Please provide GRADLYN with your EORI number (European customs number). If you do not have one, GRADLYN will apply for an EORI number (free of charge) on your behalf.