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When your best friend travels he will stay calm and safe with GRADLYN Pet shipping – you have our paw on that!

Whether it’s the family pet or a guard dog, these faithful four-legged family members are among our most frequent customers.

If a dog owner undertakes a long journey, or even moves abroad, there must also be an optimum travel plan put in place for his four-legged friend, alongside the best possible care arrangements before, during, and after the flight.
Generally speaking, dogs are easy to accommodate as airline passengers. If all the flight paperwork is in order and the dog is healthy, then owners can look forward to a relaxing journey.

The following points are particularly important as regards planning:

  • The current state of your dog's health – it’s essential to let our animal transportation experts at Gradlyn Pet shipping have all the necessary documents and relevant details in good time.
  • The choice of a suitable and sufficiently spacious transport box for the dog. Differences between breeds are very important, and must be taken into account when making your choice. For example, a robust, fighting dog needs a special transport box such as would also be used for wolves and similar feral animals. A proper transport box is crucial for your dog's well-being during the flight and must be carefully designed to match his size and needs. Sometimes, dog owners may think that a transport box he used as a puppy would still be suitable, but there must be enough space for the animal to stand upright.
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During the entire trip planning process and the selection of an ideal transport box, our friendly animal transport experts at Gradlyn Pet shipping will be available to support you with calm and competent advice. So you can rest assured that your dog will travel safely and comfortably, and know that all arrangements fully comply with the latest IATA Live Animal Regulations covering the transport of dogs via commercial airlines. This will also avoid unnecessary waiting times and additional stress for you and your pet.

Where a dog owner has to fly on ahead, an experienced Gradlyn travel guide will be there to take excellent care of the canine passenger. 

A love of animals is an absolute prerequisite for all Gradlyn employees. Dogs are very sensitive, and intuitive animals instinctively sense how their human counterparts react towards them. All Gradlyn Pet shipping’s animal transport specialists understand this and are always calm, relaxed and very comfortable caring for their four-legged flight passengers."
- Managing Director Kay Wissenbach




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