Arranging dog travel for the U.S. ARMY

What links us with the American military?

The answer lies in the origins of our company. In the early days of 1968, only military dogs and pets belonging to military personnel were flown between the USA and Germany. Of course, our customer base has expanded over the years, but to this day the U.S. Army has remained one of our very important customers, and many military personnel fly with Gradlyn, not only for business but also in private capacity.

GRADLYN wird von folgenden amerikanischen Reisebüros empfohlen:

  • SATO Travel
    Business Travel
  • ABC Travel

"I am a so-called ‘Military Brat’ because my father served in the US Army. So I grew up in a US military environment, and thus learned to speak English fluently. Every English-speaking person will receive information in his mother tongue, so there is no language barrier when dealing with us.
At the same time, I know what it means to be transferred and I understand the stress associated with it. And this is where my work begins: I look after these members of the US military and provide the specialist documentation they require. My daily goal is to ensure a smooth and, above all, stress-free flight for every animal. " – Rene Belgar, GRADLYN Petshipping