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A forester dog flew to the United States

Not even twenty four hours have passed and the Weimeraner bitch “Asta” can be warmly welcomed to her new home by a rather content owner.

A new role within a company occasionally also leads to a new location. Without a doubt a challenging task for the owner. But this also raises the question: What do I do with my pet? Who can help me with my pet transport? Asta’s owner quickly found what she was looking for in the intranet of the industrial group she was working for. Asta is not the first pet to relocate with her owner to a new job and home overseas. Animal transport by airfreight - a household name with G.K Airfreight, who can boast more than 40 years of experience for an appropriate animal friendly air transport.

A mere phone call was enough. The G.K Airfreight team took over the coordination of the VIP trip for the Weimeraner hunting dog. This breed of dog, considered excellent hunting dogs and foresters is one of the larger of its kind and known to reach a height of some 70 centimetres. A much more spacious transport box is required for the shipment of this type of animal to the United States. Before the journey can begin, the entry requirements for the import of dogs first have to be checked. Generally, all health certificates need to be submitted to the relevant veterinaries at the Frankfurt Airport. Asta could stretch her legs in the animal lounge at the airport before starting off on her flight in the large transport box. As Tennessee cannot be flown to directly from Frankfurt airport, a stopover in Atlanta Georgia was required.

Thanks to all completed health documents and necessary vaccination certificates no quarantine time was required once having arrived in the states. A long time partner of G.K. Airfreight oversaw the landing procedure of the “travelling kennel” so that Asta could arrive safe and sound only two hours later in her new home."

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