Animal Lounge at the Aiport Frankfurt

Where your pet’s well-being is paramount

Covering 3.750 square metres, the lounge has large animal shelters and full-time service – we are proud to give you this kind of special service.

Frankfurt Airport’s Animal Lounge was opened in April 2008. Covering an area of 3,750 square metres, this is the largest and most modern animal station in the world, with facilities providing 42 large animal shelters, 12 enclosures with individually adjustable climate control, and 39 small boxes. This state of the art installation replaces a previous animal station and delivers an exclusive service to its many human and animal customers.

All animal arrivals and departures at Frankfurt Airport, including your own little darling, will automatically pass through the Animal Lounge. The animals enjoy nothing but the best, and will experience many interesting things during their journey. There are 25 vets and 45 trained carers on hand to provide loving, individual and professional round-the-clock care for your pet. It’s quite common to find transport-box labels on which an owner has put down information about their pet’s favourite food or preferred manner of stroking.

With a 24-hour service, individual settings for temperature, ventilation and humidity, plus comfortable sleeping quarters and expert medical care, the Animal Lounge undoubtedly offers a premium experience, and thoroughly deserves its status as the world's best. And naturally, there are exclusive touches such as control of the mineral content in the water supply available to fishes. So, of course, we are very proud to offer you the top-level service you will experience in the Frankfurt Animal Lounge. You will be impressed.