Charter transports

Charter transports are very special and require high knowledge on forwarding level

If a charter is required, a charter contract must be drawn up between the client, the carrier and the airline.

Charter transports are more costly than normal animal transports.  When the charter contract is signed, the costs must be paid 100% immediately.
National or international flight rights and the landing rights from the respective airline must be obtained and ordered, just like the appropriate animal stalls for the transport.

After planning and renting the charter plane there is no way back, it has to be flown. For logistical reasons, a full charter is often used, as the animals and animal groups are usually enormous.

After 50 years in this business, we have chartered almost everything. With an Antonov 12, built in 1961, we have transported Hanoverian horses, service dogs, day-old chicks, pigs and cows.
and with a Boeing 747 we directly flew in 11 elephants from Africa. Transporting the elephant orphans was our biggest and at the same time most exciting job! It took over two years to plan and organize everything,
but the work was worth it, as all the animals arrived in good health at their respective zoos. To avoid inbreeding in zoos, this transport was supported by many animal welfare organizations and government agencies.

The animal welfare organization Born Free - Lion on the move: New home in Africa also needed our many years of know-how.
A whole pride of lions from unauthorized European zoos were flown to Africa and reintroduced into various parks.