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Your pets are in good hands with us

Travel these days is almost the rule rather than the exception.

And not merely vacationing abroad but relocating to a foreign country or even overseas because of job-related or occupational requirements, a situation which is becoming increasingly more frequent.

And with these situations arises the question, “What are we to do about our beloved pets, be they four-legged such as cats and dogs or birds or even reptiles?” Certainly having them fly together on board might be the easiest solution.

However, how to we go about this properly so that that cherished dog with the loyal gaze or the charming kitten manages to survive the journey as comfortably and stress-free as possible? What precautions must be taken? what preparations? and, which regulations must be adhered to?

This is where G.K Air comes in as your right partner when it comes to moving your pets. For more than 40 years, there is hardly a firm in the Greater Metropolitan Frankfurt region which can look back on as many years in animal transportation as does Gradlyn Transport. This is true whether when it comes to house pets or all manner of animals in zoos, collections or breeding programs. As such, G.K. Air is singularly qualified and able to fly your pets virtually anywhere in the world when it comes time to relocate.

GK handles the entire procedure including all paperwork and formalities relieving you of the time-consuming effort that normally occurs. A thorough planning discussion with G.K. team personnel in advance assures that all goes well. This includes all health certification documents necessary for immigration entry requirements as well as for in-transit layovers for connecting flights or transfers in holding areas en route or at destination.

Much as we might like to have our pets with us in the passenger cabin, they often are simply too big and/or too heavy to be accommodated. Gradlyn will help select the appropriate transport cage which is stable and secure for your animal so it can comfortably travel in the temperature-controlled cargo hold of your plane, complete with the right sort of food and sufficient water for an angst-free journey.

The actual journey begins when Gradlyn picks up the animal at your home and concludes when delivered to your new residence. Prior to going on board when departing Germany, your pet is brought to the Animal Lounge at the Frankfurt Airport. It only enters the plane just before departure. These means less exposure to noise, bustle, fumes.On arrival at destination,arrangements are quickly enacted to transport your pet to the new home at a convenient time.

A quick, stress- and trouble-free voyage for both pet and owner. No one does this as well as Gradlyn thanks to those years of experience in animal transport, especially with dogs and cats. Because of this, Gradlyn attends to your concerns regarding your pets as effectively as it handles their actual transportation.

After all, relocation is undoubtedly challenging enough without additional cause for concern.

No wonder Gradlyn Air sets the standard when it comes to animal transport!