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A special dog transport: Sally, the singing Golden Retriever

Sally's journey from Frankfurt to Vancouver with Lufthansa.

We would like to tell you about a very special dog transport: Sally, a charming Golden Retriever, recently traveled with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Vancouver, and we had the pleasure of accompanying her on this journey. The owner, an extremely kind and communicative person, had traveled all the way from Hamburg to personally bring Sally to the airport. It was evident that the owner, who previously worked as an admissions officer at Margaret Metzler School, invested a lot of love and care into Sally's journey.

Sally herself is a dog with a very special ability: she can actually sing and speak! Of course, only in the language of dogs - a truly funny and lovable talent. Her presence is like balm for the soul and brings a smile to everyone's face, as Gradlyn employee Sheila Decker says.

While Sally stayed in our office, we arranged a photoshoot with her and showered her with affection. It was a joy to spend time with her and get to know her unique personality.

For the transport, we used our Gradlyn Box No. 900, which Sally happily entered as if it were a luxurious hotel. The travel crate provided her with a first-class home in the air, and we made sure she felt safe and comfortable during the long flight to Vancouver.

We thoroughly checked all the necessary health documents and made sure everything was in order. Compliance with the entry regulations into Canada was particularly important to us.

Upon Sally's arrival in Vancouver, we were overwhelmed by the owner's excitement. She even sent us some photos of Sally's journey - we love receiving such feedback!

With our longstanding dog transport service, we not only provide safe transportation but also take loving care of our animal customers. We understand how important it is for your beloved furry friends to be well taken care of during the journey. You can trust us to safely and stress-free bring your pets to their destination.