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Jaguarundi by flight box to the USA

Relocating two young, 18-month old jaguarundis from Dortmund, Germany to Panama City, Florida, in the United States, was a recent first for G.K. Airfreight Service - the Animal Transportation Service.

For, despite its 40-year history relocating zoo animals and providing pet transportation, G.K Air never before had dealings with this species. Most people have never heard of a jaguarundi, much less seen one. This was truly a “first.”

Indeed, the jaguarundi is the least “catlike” of feline animals. They resemble martens or weasels more than cats, and their natural habitat is Central and South America where they are considered an endangered species. The Dortmund Zoo was providing the Bear Creek Feline City in Florida the opportunity to present jaguarundis for the very first time, relocating the animals from urban Central Europe to sub-topical Florida.

Naturally, the journey had to be in complete conformity with all regulations concerning endangered species. The Dortmund Zoo appointed two members of its team to oversee the project to assure the wellbeing of these two small cats. G.K. Air’s own well-trained personnel took over all of the formalities from the preparation of necessary customs documents to the planning of all aspects of the animal transport including the pickup at the Dortmund Zoo.

It was particularly important that the ambient temperature be held at a constant temperature en route as these two carnivores, which are accustomed to devouring small rodents and pests and occasionally other small creatures, feel best at temperatures ranging from 15 – 20’C, or about 55 – 68’F.

This requirement was guaranteed and adhered to without difficulty enabling the cat passengers to experience a stress-free flight across the Atlantic. Their transport cages were also custom-created for them assuring complete creature comfort on board the British Airways jet taking them to via Atlanta to Panama City.

According to Mr Kay Wissenbach, G.K. Air’s managing director, the crew was so concerned about the animals’ welfare that he was telephoned directly from the plane and assured that they were perfectly loaded and he had no cause for worry.

“I indeed felt myself very well served,” said Wissenbach. Continuing, he added, “I wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all involved for this excellent cooperation; not just only for the perfect planning where all worked together hand-in-hand, but for providing animal transportation which made for a trip which did not subject the passenger to duress.

“This is indeed the goal which we all strive for!”

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