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Timo's story: of survival and love that defies boundaries.

Let us tell you a touching story - the story of Timo.

Timofei, affectionately called Timo, was rescued in March 2022 from the war-torn area of Ukraine by Petners Berlin. But his life until that point was marked by unspeakable abuse and cruel neglect. He had the misfortune of being confined in a tiny cage, presumably with bound legs, and was repeatedly subjected to brutal beatings. The traces of these traumatic experiences are still visible today, in the form of scars on his tail and delicate legs.

But Timo is a fighter. When he arrived in Berlin, Petners facilitated the purchase of a wheelchair for him, which restored his mobility. Today, he is a cheerful, active, and healthy dog. He loves to cuddle, romp around outdoors, and play with his animal friends. His transformation is a true miracle and proof that love and care can heal even the deepest wounds.

Yet, Timo's story took another special turn. Due to the traumatic experiences, he developed a biting behavior that made adoption into a conventional family impossible. However, Petners knew that Timo needed a sanctuary where he could receive the love and attention he so desperately needed. And so, they found Jacobs Ridge, a place that agreed to take in Timo and provide him with a permanent home. This generosity was overwhelming and touched the hearts of all who learned about Timo's story.

A Heartwarming Rescue: Timo's Journey from Berlin to Alicante.

It was an ordinary day until Petners' call shook my world. When I saw Timo's pictures, I couldn't help but take action. One good deed a day - and this was to be the special one.
Timofei, lovingly called Timo, had already embarked on an impressive journey, a journey from suffering and despair to a new life full of possibilities. Yet, there was one last hurdle to overcome: his journey from Berlin to Alicante, Spain.

Our mission was clear: we had to find a solution to safely and comfortably bring Timo to his new home. And so, we set out to make this happen. A passenger flight for Timo and his dedicated caregivers was arranged, starting from Berlin.
The day of departure was filled with excitement and anticipation. We wondered how Timo would cope with his wheelchair during the journey. Yet, we had confidence in his strength and the support of the caregivers accompanying him.
And as expected, everything went smoothly. Timo handled his journey like a true champion. The flight safely took him to Alicante, and they were greeted with a warm welcome at the airport. It was a moment full of emotions as Timo arrived in Spain and began his new journey into a life full of love and care.

This story reminds us that often, it's the small acts of compassion that can change the world for someone. Timo is a living example of the power of solidarity and the willingness to help a creature in need.
This rescue shows that when we work together, we're capable of performing miracles. And for Timo, this was the beginning of a new chapter full of love and hope.

Timo is a prime example of the unbroken will to live and the gratitude of an animal that has been given a second chance in life. Despite all the setbacks he likely experienced, he's a brave and loving dog who reminds us that humanity still exists in this world.


Conclusion by Kay Wissenbach, "Only together are we strong"


Thanks from Petners:
Once again, thank you for your generous support. Without people like you, we couldn't continue our important work. We're deeply grateful to you for helping change Timo's life and supporting us in our mission to help animals in need.


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