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Pets are not souvenirs

The Border Collie's odyssey finally found a happy end once the team from G.K Airfreight Service decided to accept the dog from Kabul. It was the love for animals that led a diplomat from Sweden to bring the male Border Collie from Afghanistan to Sweden.

At least that was the plan. As far as the Afghani airline was concerned the pet shipping service posed no problem at all. Their philosophy was “put it in a box and off to Stockholm via Frankfurt”. But the journey to Europe was not to be as easy as one would expect. Once the Border Collie arrived at the Frankfurter airport without any certified documentation and open questions regarding the import clearance, the staff at Fraport A.G were immediately pressurised by animal welfare regulations to bring the dog to the animal station at Frankfurt airport.

What does one do with the helpless animal in such a case? If the worst comes to the worst it would have to be sent back to Kabul and the airline threatened with a penalty. Instead Fraport got in touch with G. K Airfreight on behalf of the animal and coordinated a regulated animal transport while the dog was still in transit.

The owner was immediately contacted and the situation explained. A quarantine spot needed to be arranged for in Stockholm and a veterinary engaged to examine the do, so that its European documents could be updated. This can be considered as first class emergency assistance for the Border Collie, which originates from the area between England and Scotland and who is known to be one of the most intelligent canine species around.

Thanks to the expert team from G.K. Airfreight, the pet shipment was under way in no time. A story with a happy end that demonstrates quite clearly how an animal is not to be considered as a souvenir and that animal shipping belongs in the hands of the experts. In this way a successful and smooth handling of the shipment is guaranteed.