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Parakeets in the plane from Hamburg to Jersey

Six small parakeets went from Hamburg to Jersey in a specially modified transport box for birds.

These budgies belong to a rather rare species, and were cared for with the utmost attention. Then loaded into the box, and sent off on their way with extra special care. Since there was no direct flight from Hamburg to Jersey, the trip continued on towards Heathrow. From there they went in a special air-conditioned vehicle to the London Gatwick Airport before finally landing on a British offshore island.

A rather complicated airfreight, where one of the most important factors consisted in keeping the whole trip as short as any way possible. Show romanization

The accurate selection of flights, transfers and transportation from one airport to the next had all been perfectly planned. The G.K. Airfreight team could rely on its partner British Airways to one hundred percent. Everything went smoothly and without any complications. Especially on an animal transport with a stopover, this was a truly important factor, which thankfully could also be organized by the perfectly reliable airline.

For GK Airfreight however, even if desirable, this is not always a given. British Airways is one of the very seasoned and experienced airlines and there you can be sure the planning is in the best hands, even if another airport transfer becomes necessary.

Budgies belong to the parrot family, and in the field, are one of the most abundant species of parrot around.

Jersey is now the new home of these six parakeets. And although they live here now they are probably not likely to move about much. Nevertheless, they find themselves in the best climatic conditions, so that a smooth familiarization is assured.