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Gradlyn the Zoo Animal Transporter - A Journey for Australian Koalas to Their New Home

Gradlyn, the renowned zoo animal transporter, recently embarked on a special journey to safely transport four adorable koalas to their new home in Wilhelma Zoo, Stuttgart.

The long journey began in Australia and concluded in Frankfurt, where the koalas landed safely. The KTT transport vehicle was utilized to transfer the koalas to the Animal Lounge, where several important clearance procedures took place.

Import clearance, customs procedures, and veterinary checks were diligently conducted to ensure compliance with all legal regulations and requirements. Gradlyn works closely with the relevant authorities to ensure a smooth transportation process, ensuring all necessary documents and permits are in order.

The clearance process was also coordinated in close collaboration with the Wilhelma staff, who eagerly awaited the arrival of the koalas at the Gradlyn office. Smooth information exchange between Gradlyn, the authorities, and the zoo is crucial to ensure all necessary steps for entry and integration of the animals into their new environment are followed.

Following successful clearance at the Animal Lounge, the koalas were transported directly to Wilhelma in air-conditioned vehicles. Even our accountant accompanied the animals on the journey to the zoo, as she holds a special fondness for animals and was thrilled to be part of this unique event.

The koalas have already settled well into their new home at Wilhelma. Despite the long journey and the challenges of jet lag, they are comfortable and full of energy. Although koalas are typically solitary animals, they were accompanied by other koalas to provide companionship and facilitate their adjustment to the new surroundings.

The koalas are an enriching addition to Wilhelma and will become part of the new attraction called "Terra Australis." The zoo sources their favorite food, eucalyptus, from a specialized gardener in Leipzig who cultivates various varieties. This ensures the koalas receive their preferred diet and ensures their well-being.

Gradlyn takes great pride in being part of this extraordinary journey and ensuring the safe arrival of the koalas to their new home. Animal transportation is a complex task where the well-being and protection of the animals always take top priority. The experienced team at Gradlyn ensures the animals are well cared for during transport and that all crucial clearance procedures are diligently carried out, guaranteeing a safe and stress-free transition for the animals to their new homes.