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Dove and canaries fly to Iraq

Transporting a shipment of birds by air is certainly not a great challenge for the well-seasoned members of the G.K. Air Animal Transportation Services’ team – were it not for the destination: Iraq. Otherwise, the bird relocation would be like any other.

Resuming animal transportation for the first time in years, G.K. Air needed special cages for the large number of winged passengers, some 220 pigeons and 240 canaries which were headed to the town of Erbil, Iraq.

“Just getting the request was a giant step for German breeders,” said Kay Wissenbach, G.K. Air’s managing director. “Good nerves and lots of patience were required until all the arrangements finally were put in place,” he continued.

First off, there was no direct flight there; and, then it lasted a full week until the embassy certified the importation documents. Once the latter was overcome, all 460 bird travelers were able to begin their journey punctually. Shortly thereafter, they quickly arrived in the finest condition in Iraq.

For this animal relocation, this time around G.K. Air relied on the Jordanian carrier, Royal Jordanian Airlines.

The “bird airlift” went off without a hitch. According to Mr Wissenbach, G.K. Air, “ We were very pleased with Royal Jordanian’s service and reliable coordination.”

He also noted that, “Despite G.K. Air’s more than 40 year history of success in animal transportation, whether it be for zoos, collections, breeders, or shipping every and any type of pet, there are always new challenges, particularly in Iraq.

“Documents in Arabic must be translated, understood, and certified. For animal breeders and also for the G.K. Air team, this is a meticulous matter.

“Once the ‘bureaucratic hurdles’ had been encountered and overcome, nothing more stood in the way for future G.K. Air flights,” a highly-pleased Mr Wissenbach explained about this return to service in Iraq, visibly pleased on Gradlyn Kennels overcoming yet another animal transportation challenge.