Transport boxes in larger sizes

Travelling with a bigger dog? A situation which demands a jumbo travel box!

Animal transport is not for amateurs. Whether your journey is by plane or car – the right transport box is essential.

Large dogs such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Shepherd dogs are not just different breeds, they are also very different in size and weight. So it is important to pay attention to these differences when choosing the right kind of transport box. GRADLYN has delivered all kinds of animal species to all corners of the world, including elephants and rhinoceros, and thus has more than 40 years’ experience of "jumbo transports".

This experience shows that owners are best advised to use a transport box specially designed for their animal. A jumbo travel box custom-made to match the needs of your pet is always the best option. Being made to measure, this kind of animal box is neither too big nor too small and thus offers its occupant optimum security. These handmade jumbo boxes are made from treated wood which is harmless to the travelling animal. The journey will thus be smooth and splinter-free without any risk of infection.

Thanks to their robust construction, jumbo boxes can be used several times. Their high-quality materials and build standards not only allow easy handling but also thorough cleaning after each transport. Carefully designed to avoid any risk of injury to the travelling animal, these boxes have door grilles which are firmly anchored and cannot be torn out, as well as window openings and ventilation slots which are carefully sanded to remove any sharp edges. Larger drinking bowls are also needed, because bigger animals also drink more. All these features contribute to the high level of comfort provided by a special jumbo transport box.

Continuous development and improvements in design, processing and finishing make our special jumbo transport boxes a real high-quality, "Made in Germany"product, which the customer and his travelling pet will find 100% reliable.

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