International regulations

Animals Flying - International entry regulations are the highest priority for the entry of your pet to the desired destination country.

Dear Animal Lover,

When it comes to traveling with our beloved four-legged companions, it's important to be aware of the applicable regulations and requirements in foreign countries.

Airlines do not assume liability for incorrect import documents for pet travel. This means that in the case of faulty paperwork, your pet could either be sent back or placed in quarantine, which can last up to 30 days and incur astronomical costs. To avoid such challenges and ensure a smooth journey for your pet, it's crucial to accurately prepare all necessary documents.

Please note that you are ultimately responsible for meeting all requirements.

As a pet transport company, we are familiar with international regulations and provide comprehensive information about global entry requirements, rabies vaccinations, health certificates, import permits, and much more. Please be aware that each country has specific entry requirements for animals, which may include vaccinations, tests, and health standards. We assist you in transporting your beloved furry friend safely and stress-free, whether in the airplane cabin, as excess baggage, or in the cargo hold.

When planning your pet's journey, we recommend starting early and ensuring that the transport crate meets applicable standards. We also offer a helpful crate calculator that recommends the correct size of the transport crate to ensure your pet's comfort and safety during the journey.

Our utmost goal is to assist you in a secure and seamless pet journey. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that with your help, we also support animal welfare organizations. By using our service, you contribute to helping animals in need.

For a small fee of EUR 29.50 (including applicable VAT), you can download the specific regulations for each country. Additionally, you will receive an email with the important PDF document.

Thank you for your love of animals and your trust in our services.

Kay Wissenbach

Secure international entry requirements documents now for only €29,50! (including applicable VAT)

We regularly update and expand our international regulations. If you do not find your desired provision, please inform us via our general contact form at GRADLYN Petshipping - Contact Us.


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