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WAZA - a guarantee for species conservation

WAZA is a collective organisation of zoos, zoological gardens and aquariums across the whole world. 

The aim is to upkeep the diversity of animal life on earth and to support zoos, aquariums and zoological gardens of any worldwide facility in their appropriate species specific care taking in whichever possible form or fashion. This uniform standardisation does not only provide a seal of quality for the appropriate handling of wild animals but also supplies an objective comparability.

Moreover, in addition to advocating these objectives, WAZA also performs a pioneering task in assuring a legitimate worldwide mandate in the appropriate treatment of animals. Welfare and safety are essential components in animal protection. A further significant objective is to make the general public receptive to, and feel responsible for, the protection of our natural and animal world by presenting these to the public eye.

In the preservation of the animal species it is often necessary to ship an animal across the globe in order to get the animals of the relevant species coupled together, possibly involving a long journey freighting a frightened animal over oceans/across continents, which one might say is just as, if not more, strenuous for an animal as for most human passengers. To ensure that these arduous animal transports are orchestrated in a way where the animal is put under as little stress as possible, an experienced forwarding agent with the necessary know how is of great importance.

Nobody is served when, from one zoo to the next, the animal does not survive or is injured in transit. In order to prevent such a case from occurring, the relevant knowledge needed must be up kept in regular vocational training, and of course a pertinent portion of experience is essential when needing to keep cool and react accordingly in any of the situations that may arise at the different stages of the shipment.

When it comes to transporting animals G.K. Air has over 40 years of experience to show. Every one of the individual shipments is prepared and administered with the utmost care, official constraints are met and when necessary a special animal transport crate is manufactured on request.
These transport boxes not only comply with IATA´s parameters, being the minimum standard required by the umbrella organisation of airlines, but have also accordingly been optimised over the years of experience. This collaboration gives the team at G.K. Air a feeling of assertiveness when dealing with animals on a daily basis. When all these substantial aspects come together, the transport of an animal becomes an incident that the animal can forget rather promptly, helping it adapt to its new surrounding even better.