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Waza - aquariums and animal parks

For G.K. Air it is plain to see that with WAZA, the umbrella organisation for zoos, zoological gardens and aquariums, we have a significant partner at our side with an agglomeration of professional experience in all of their members.

Our team at G.K. Air like very much to work together with zoos since their professionalism makes the whole execution of the processes involved in the transport of animals so much easier as well as being much quicker in their reactions when possibly unexpected things occur. This warrants that the animals get the maximum care and attention possible and furthermore that the essential documentation for the animal transport is complete and up to date.

These officially mandatory documents in particular are the most important component for a smooth and speedy execution of the animal transport, which the team at G.K. Air is set to accomplish. The airlines too have their umbrella organisation whose compulsory regulations prescribe the size and composition of the transport boxes. In some of the cases G.K. Air may themselves manufacture specialized IATA approved transport boxes for a zoo or advise them which to acquire.

The cooperation with WAZA sets a milestone for G.K. Airfreight. Our interplay with international zoos is greatly won due to our membership in the organisation. On the level of qualitative worldwide assessment there is nothing that can compare. We are proud to say that we are the only forwarding agency to be a member of and represented in the WAZA umbrella organisation. “This accentuates the aim of securing high qualitative standards in animaltransport, on which we lay so much importance”, says Kay Wissenbach the CEO of G.K. Airfreight.

Founded in Switzerland as a union of zoos in 1935, then under the name of “International Union of Directors of Zoological Gardens” (IUDZG), the umbrella organisation developed into the now named WAZA with their duties and responsibilities growing over the course of the years.
Operating as a modern organisation which the WAZA has now become, the members of such are catered with the latest findings and news of any large scale changes throughout the world. Current regulations, international ordinances and worldwide networking coin the informational pool that the WAZA is now renowned for.
One of the many reasons that G.K. Airfreight would not want to forgo forming a partnership with such an accomplished organization.
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