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Volcanic eruption and its consequences

We have never had a situation like this before at the Frankfurt airport, says G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH, the animal transport company at the airport, referring to the consequences of the Icelandic volcanoes eruption.

The same emergency plan implemented for all other passengers at Frankfurt airport was also devised for the transport of pets and other animals. A new experience entirely for the days ahead. The consequences were plain. No air passage was open - everything was stalled on the ground, till further notice. But the team of G.K. Airfreight Service is more than prepared for any and all problems that might occur with any destination airports.

On that memorable Friday only a few canine passengers were waiting for the onward journey. The only exotic passenger, a young tiger, was forced to remain at the zoo.
For animals that are already at the airport, like breeding dogs and several dozen other dogs belonging to the Air Force and called "Working Dogs", kennels are available in the vicinity of the airport.

In animal stations the well-behaved dogs were now patiently awaiting the opening of the airport. For breeding dogs that have ever taken a journey and be it only a few miles long to Frankfurt airport, an animal lounge is usually the best stopover. For individuals who live within reach of the airport, an animal is usually brought back home. In such a crisis situation, it is essential that the customer is immediately contacted and notified of the problems so that the way forward can be agreed upon, says the staff of the GK Airfreight Service GmbH.Mostrar forma romanizada Even the seventy military dogs were forced to take a mandatory break - although these should reach their area of operation as quickly as any means possible. That means even promoting understanding in the military.

Under positive stress, all animal passengers were released in only three days, after the airport was opened once again. This type of efficiency is only attainable if everyone in the team pulls their strengths together so that contacts with the airlines can begin as soon as possible.