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Transport from chinchillas to Honolulu

“Without a special import permission the animals are going absolutely nowhere“ said Kay Wissenbach, managing director of GK Air. The five little passengers, Caspar, Charles, Stars, Strips and Uncle Sam were about to go on a long journey.

This time round the GK Air team did not have to pick up the animals since their owner, a member of the military who did not want to miss out on his five little friends in his new home, personally brought them to the Fraport AG´s animal lounge, himself. The animal lounge at the Frankfurt Airport sets international standards.

Chinchillas are rodents native to South America. They are generally grey with a bushy tail, and reach a size from 23 to 65 centimeters and a tail length of 8 to 40 centimeters. They weigh between 500 gramms and 8 kilograms.

Unlike usual procedure, the flight did not go via the United States but in the opposite direction via Korea. So in just under 14 hours they had travelled half way around the globe– at least for the passengers on board. Well the plane started at about eight o'clock p.m. and had already arrived at its destination airport the next morning at round about ten o'clock. "This strange flight time was due to the fact that the plane of Green Airline flew 'against' the timezones," explained Kay Wissenbach, managing director of GK Air.

A special transport box had to be built for the three little travellers. GK Air team had a box with five separate compartments built. Every compartment was equipped with a baby bottle so that the little rodents could get enough liquid nourishment.