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Caribous from Canada

And once again the Hanover Zoo offered us their trust in Zoo transportation of Caribous from Canada. On the 18th of February 2010 the moment finally arrived for the Caribous to begin its zoo transportation to Hanover after days of planning and negotiating with the Hanover Zoo, the Zoo Sauvage of St. Felicien and border controls. Although pet exportation might be our daily bread and butter, a zoo transport is something of a speciality.

After arrival of the Caribous we brought the completed veterinary certification to border controls where each zoo transport, i.e. animal import needs to be formerly approved by a veterinarian. After obtaining approvals for the Caribous we continued with our zoo transport to the customs office. Even though the customs office sees to animal imports on a daily basis, zoo transport is not an everyday thing. The customs officer decided to inspect the Caribous transport for himself, after which it was all set to go! We accompanied the members of Hanover Zoo staff to the animal station, where the Caribous left the quarantine station. All involved parties were very satisfied about the smooth course of events for the day in our animal import department.

So when you see the Caribous in the Hanover Zoo, you will know that she comes from Canada.