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Snub nosed dogs

As you may know snub-nosed (short-nosed) cats and dogs (brachycephalic breeds) have severe breathing problems. Due to the short nose they have a narrow airway and thus a certain shortness of breath. The stress which is caused by traveling as “excess baggage” can lead to circulatory problems and this in turn leads to increased difficulty in breathing. As well as high temperatures at the airports of departure, transfer or destination. These circulatory problems and the increased difficulty of breathing can lead to serious health damages and in worst case even to death!
Because of that the transport of snub-nosed cats and dogs (such as Persian cats, boxers, French bulldogs, pugs etc.) is no longer permitted as “excess baggage”.

However in order to continue transporting these breeds we can offer an alternative which makes it possible to bring your beloved animal safely to the destination.
We will advise you which transport box is suitable for your cat or dog. Among other things it will be ensured that your cat or dog will have enough space in the transport box and that the air can circulate sufficiently in it. Therefore we usually recommend a larger box to allow the beloved animals a safe “first class” trip.
A small but very helpful tip from our side:
For brachycephalic breeds there is a small surgery which can widen the narrowed nostrils in order to continuously improve breathing. This surgery is particularly recommended if you live, move or travel in a warm country / city. For this surgery you must contact your trusted veterinarian directly. He / she will surely be able to advise you in this matter. 

Further helpful tips from our side:

  • contact us as early as possible
  • have the transport box delivered to you in advance so that your cat or dog can get used to it
  • talk to your veterinary

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.