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Sensitive passengers

At first glance they might not look the part. But the two mangebeys, an ape couple certainly require special attention. These travelling monkeys are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so a climate shock should be prevented at all costs.

Within the European Union and especially in the cooler months of the year very different temperature gradients can occur. Both monkey passengers are collected at their homes in the Dublin Zoo and transported directly from their special Fraport transport crates located at the aircraft. The mangabeys’ start their last leg to the zoo at Innsbruck shock-proofed and nicely housed in well-tempered surroundings. On the one hand, the monkeys who have distinct social mannerisms can react quite sensitively when it comes to comfort during a trip. On the other hand, they can also become very unpleasant passengers.

In order to prevent the innocent-looking monkey from throwing food wastes or liquids at their supervisors or caretakers, the animal transport boxes are especially fitted with a glass pane. These custom made precautions are an absolute must in order to provide the travelling animals with the necessary atmosphere of calm as well as a certain distance. Thus the primates are secured a stress-free journey to their new homes. Much experience has been gathered over the years in the area of animal air transport as well as in the coordination and supervision of the travelling zoo animals - even the most sensitive - have been optimally incorporated.

Travel within the European Union is not necessarily problematic from a formal point of view. The zoos take care of all the paperwork and all the necessary health certificates and biodiversity policies. So that the team of GK Airfreight can fully concentrate on the Zoo animal transport boxes and on the smooth functioning of the journey and the delivery of the animals. Within a day the monkeys reach their new home, safe and sound and just in time to settle in for the spring.