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Seal Henry travelling to Majorca

A well known German zoo entrusted us with flying a seal called “Henry” to Majorca. How do you get a seal to a Spanish island by air?

No trouble whatsoever for us. First of all, we had to manufacture a custom-made container appropriate for seals according to IATA regulations. This is exactly what we do for more than 40 years and we know what to do. Furthermore, we work in close cooperation with professional partners. We had to keep in mind the maximum size of a container for transportation in a specific airplane. On the other hand, we wanted Henry to have sufficient space in it.

Meanwhile we’d booked the flight to Majorca. On the eve of the scheduled departure date our trained driver took Henry’s container to the zoo. This way, Henry had some time to get accustomed to his container and the keepers didn’t have such a hard time to get him into this unusual environment. In order to spare Henry a prolonged time of waiting, our driver brought him to the airport just in time – in the middle of the night.

Upon their arrival we had coffee ready in our office, not for Henry, who only needed fish and water, but to help our dispatch team and the animal protection staff to keep awake. All documents regarding Henry were double-checked and prepared for the airline. Shortly after, Henry was brought to the Animal Lounge, where he waited for his flight. Approximately one hour before departure he was brought to the airplane and loaded on board, closely monitored by the animal protection staff. By way of saying good-bye he waved us before the plane took him to Majorca.

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