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Sea worms fly to Norway

Sea worms, these were an extremely delicate shipment.

Of course, when thinking about sea worms, you do not think of them as sensitive creatures, but that is precisely what they are. The GK Air team had to overcome quite some obstacles before the three little boxes each with 110 worms arrived from Bonn to set off on to Bergen/Norway. The scientifically exiting freight is the result of long ongoing research. Therefore, the normal pace of life of these creatures could by no means be disturbed. This was a particular challenge for the GK Air team. The temperature could only vary by two degrees during the complete animal transport. Sea worms feel comfortable with a temperature between 14 and 16 degrees. Monitoring the temperature was therefore an essential and very important aspect of the transport to Norway. Another aspect was the simulation of the day and night rhythm. The small transport boxes had to be illuminated from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. For this purpose, a battery-powered day light was necessary.

The batteries, however, should not get too warm in order to not affect the temperature. "This consignment was unique for GK Air", explained managing director Kay Wissenbach. "Up until now, we have never transported such delicate animals. Of course, there are certain conditions necessary with mammals, but in our 43 year history of GK Air, we have never had that little a leeway to be working with" said Wissenbach.

They are also called rag worms. The Latin name is platynereis dumerilii. With the beginning of their life, they have the stature of little toy bears.

At the size of three centimetres, they look more like small centipedes.

Basically, only a trained eye can see these worms, because they live in self-made tubes, and therefore, can hardly be seen.

For science, these nondescript worms are significant because they can shed light on the question of the origin of life and how it developed on to the present day. Life stems and evolved out of the oceans. Therefore, only marine creatures can give information about its origins.

In this way the G.K. Air team, may not have only contributed to the animal transportation, but also to some of the basic questions about the development of life on our planet.

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