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Safely and properly preparing your pet for pick-up

It takes a lot of experience as well as technical wisdom and the right equipment to prepare animals for safe, anxiety-free transport to a new location. The same holds true for pets heading to a new home as well wild animals of any size traveling to collections and zoos world-wide.

Gradlyn Kennels, whose specialty is animal transportation thorughout the world, is headquartered at Frankfurt Airport (FRAPORT) Continental Europe’s largest international hub, in the heart of Germany. Gradlyn’s in-depth professional experience dates back more than 40 years and it is one of the oldest firms of its type. Moreover, GK also owns extensive quantities of all of the proper equipment and employs highly-trained personnel essential for assuring your animal’s wellbeing -- at pick-up, in transit, and on arrival at final destination.

At Gradlyn, we have been developing and perfecting this continuously, setting new and higher industry standards so that animals and customers’ needs and expectations are entirely satisfied. It makes no difference if Gradlyn Airfreight is bringing a small house cat to a new home or a full-grown lion to a different zoo, you -- the pet owner or zoo curator -- will be totally pleased that the move was safely, perfectly accomplished.

Avoiding stress for the animal is of paramount importance during travel. To assure that no stress occurs, G.K. Air uses only specially-constructed, air-suspension vehicles. This enables even the largest animals to be transported door-to-door from their previous location to their new home in a stable, shake-free environment. Of equal importance for the animal’s wellbeing is the need for maintaining a constant temperature in the vehicle suitable for any animal passenger. Correct temperature must always be maintained even when the vehicle’s motor is not running and during brief as well as lengthier stops en route. This is particularly important during the trip for animals, especially in extremes of climate such as coming from warm tropical or sub-tropical zones on entering cold wintery temperatures outdoors. And the same holds true for animals from the extreme north or south traveling to warmer climes. After all, all species of living creatures have differing requirements which are essential for maintaining good health.

Gradlyn’s long-term employee team has been given special training in order to drive these highly-modified, specially-equipped vehicles. All Gradlyn drivers are highly motivated, experienced and tested: the German State of Hessen certifies GK’s road personnel on a regular basis including theoretical and practical updates. This pertains to the latest regulations and legalities concerning environmental issues as well as specifics regarding animals and species protection. G.K. Air is extremely proud that it can count on its well-seasoned colleagues based on their reliability and experience, certainly a keystone for its success in the animal transport industry.

Of course, detailed planning from the onset helps guarantee the animal’s safe journey from the home or zoo. As part of its concern for animals and the environment, G.K: is upgrading an increasingly large number of its vehicles to ecologically-safer natural gas from gas and diesel in accordance with European Union environmental goals concerning climatic change. This also assures our customers that Gradlyn’s concerns for a safe environment for the health and well-being of its “passengers” also extends to the world in which we all live and make our home.