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Reptile transport to Miami

Having frequently made use of GK Airfreight`s reptile shipping service in the past, a breeder in Miami USA was already informed as to the many regulations for transport boxes when consigning a reptile transport to the states, and would provide for an own transport box.

GK Airfreight´s reptile transport service just had to take care of the ticketing and further organization needed when exporting or importing exotic reptiles. Herein it is important to know which species one is dealing with. Do we possibly have CITES obligatory animals amongst them? A highly venomous snakes perhaps? Once we had received all the relevant data from the breeder, we could book and have the flight confirmed by the airline.

As soon as customs gave us the green light for the reptile transport, nothing could stand in the way of the reptile´s journey from Germany to the USA. The morning of the flight the reptiles were delivered with their certified health and CITES documents to our station at the Frankfurt Airport. Just as they were coming in through the door the final export clearance for the shipment was being overseen. Customs gave their go ahead for the dispatch and the animals could be sent on their way.