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Police rely on German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is an export hit!

Closely related to this ongoing success, at least where G.K. Airfreight Service is concerned is the twenty-year collaboration with the Canadian police, also known as Mounties. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have employed the German Shepherd as a working dog, which has apparently already proven itself as very fortuitous, in all the previous years.

Periodically, a selection of the already well-trained young dogs, all of which originate from breeders in Germany, are flown with G.K. Airfreight Service via the Frankfurt hub Airport to Canada. A wooden framed photo with the traditional red dress of the Canadian police complete with a dedication and all adornments is reminiscent of the good cooperation with GK Air´s dog transport team.

How do I fly my dog is no longer a question for the Canadians. Directly delivered or picked up from the breeders in Frankfurt, the young shepherd dogs are prepared for their journey to their new home. In the animal station at Frankfurt Airport the animals are examined by a veterinary before they go into special transport boxes specifically built for dogs of their size and up in the plane and across the Atlantic. According to FCI the German Shepherd is confident, balanced and strong as nails - a systematic distinction of the dogs’ natural breed. These properties characterize a well-trained German shepherd as the ideal service and companion dog - perfectly suited for the Canadian police operation. Good relations with the Canadian police have ultimately led to G.K. Airfreight Service being made sponsor at the Canadian Shepherd championships.