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Parrot transport from the United States to Europe

The South American parrot has safely arrived in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The G.K Airfreight team confirmed that this was by no means a routine case. Even though the Monk Parakeet only measures about 30 centimetres in size, the transit flight from the United States to Europe is actually a very conscientious undertaking and includes some extensive examinations. With all bird species being imported into Europe, species protection regulations are first and fore mostly taken into consideration. Are the health insurance papers complete and all documentation up to date? These issues require more attention for the private shipment of animals than for entire zoo transports. Ultimately the responsibility lies with the veterinarian.

Even though there were no veterinary objections at the departure airport in Chicago, the parrot had not yet arrived at his destination. The parrot Koki journeyed in a special transport box manufactured for a bird of this size. Once in Frankfurt the final stage of his journey to Slovenia could begin. G.K Airfreight communicates simultaneously with veterinaries in Germany and in Slovenia. The private transport of animals to Slovenia in particular, is no easy task. But the G.K. team are already aware of this fact. Everything depends upon an exemption approval document. Thus absolutely no mistakes could be made regarding the documentation and entry requirements for this bird. The worst-case scenario would have meant that the parrot would have had to return to Chicago. Professional assistance was implemented to prevent this from happening. The Monk Parakeet, now also found in city parks and public gardens are considered extremely adaptable. After only one day of travelling Koki manages to survive all border controls and safely reached his new home in Ljubljana together with his satisfied owner.