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Major Challenges in Air Freight Delivery of 30,000 Shrimps to Brunei

Difficulties in Routing Air Freight, but Ultimately Successfully Resolved

In our latest adventure in the realm of animal lover logistics, we had the demanding task of transporting 30,000 pieces of shrimps from Austria to Frankfurt and then onwards to Brunei. The challenges we had to overcome were diverse, but with great effort and creative solutions, we successfully conquered them.

At the outset, we encountered difficulties in complex route planning. No animal transporter we were connected with was willing to handle the forwarding of this delicate shipment due to the lack of a direct flight. Nevertheless, we did not let ourselves be discouraged and found a solution that remains confidential for competitive reasons. Within an extremely tight time window of just 50 hours, we had to ensure that the 30,000 shrimps received sufficient oxygen and were transported in specialized packaging. The support of our shrimp sender was crucial in this regard.

The management, who had traveled specifically from Austria, and the local authorities in Brunei were present on-site for this important delivery. The precise arrival time added additional pressure to us. To further complicate matters, several airlines refused to carry the shipment.

For an entire week, we invested intensively in planning, even during our employees' leisure time. In the end, our effort paid off as the management commended us greatly. We were relieved that everything went smoothly within the agreed-upon time window, from pickup in our air-conditioned vehicle to delivery at the airline, including a layover and onward flight. We celebrated this success together at the Gradlyn office.

Quote from Kay Wissenbach: "With pride, we can say that even in the most challenging situations, we always seek solutions and satisfy our customers. Once again, thanks to our longtime employee Atif Wadood, who accomplished something incredible here."