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Dog transport to the United States

How do I fly my dog, or better still, how do I fly our beloved four-legged friend abroad? Any suggestions?

A question asked quite often actually. Not every day business - the air transport of animals. But for Shiba Inu – this is quite a different story. The Shiba Inu Kabuki, is a descendent of the popular Japanese breed.

There these smallish dogs are used primarily for hunting. But little Kabuki is spared all that hunting stress. Like his owner from the United States adds contentedly, „Kabuki is enjoying Californian lifestyle, "to the max". Of course the owners were not willing to do without their dog during their one-year stay in America. Which family would leave their favourite pet behind for an entire year? For Kabukis owners there was no question about it. Gradlyn Kennels were contracted for the task of the pet-transport. Measuring around 50 centimeters, there’s no doubt that Kabuki needs a comfortable animal transport box fitting for the long flight across the Atlantic and into the United States. The paperwork was easily arranged. Health certificates and veterinary release papers are essential to provide a safe transport of animals. But the Kabuki had no problems with his trip and has comfortably survived the flight and already even forgotten all about it. Shiba Inu has landed in his new home and has plenty of run once again.

On the shores of the Pacific the Kabuki romps on the beach and now lives in a fancy motor home for a year. A relaxing dog's life under the Californian sun which began with a hassle free, easy going pet shipment case and also ends in one with G.K.Airfreight, after one glorious year in the Californian sun.