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Handmade wooden transport boxes

With more than 40 years experience in animal transport under its belt, G.K. Air knows that shipping animals is nothing for amateurs. Animal safety and the knowledge that the animal passenger will arrive at destination with the least possible amount of stress and anxiety are critical factors.

They are the cornerstones for each and every successful shipment. It makes no difference if the passenger is a personal pet or an animal en route to a zoo because whether it is flying in an aircraft or traveling by automotive vehicle or rail, the correct traveling cage is a greatest importance.

Having shipped every conceivable species of animal virtually everywhere in the world, G.K. Airfreight knows that the individually-made to order cage for each animal is critical. There are many factors to take into account: the animal’s sheer size is a vital one -- particularly when the animal is a very large dog such as Great Dane, or an Irish Wolfhound, or a St. Bernard.

Great Danes and other oversized hounds are similar when it comes to size and weight, however are also very different in temperament from each other. Therefore, these differences are not only to be carefully noted but should serve as the very basis for selecting/constructing the correct, species-adjusted shipping container or cage. Too large or too small a cage poses a threat and is unacceptable. Cages should be made-to-order to assure safety. Nothing is worse than having an animal injure itself en route using a conventional wooden cage. Special, hand-made, super-sized cages made from impregnated-wood are physically stable, don’t splinter and can be used without risk of damage.

Given their robust construction, these “Big Dog Containers” can be repeatedly used. Because of their high quality, they not only are easily handled but are also easy to thoroughly clean after usage. These wooden containers have been designed so that it is virtually impossible for an animal to injure itself. For instance, door screens are securely anchored and affixed, and can not be ripped out. All air vents and viewing ports are totally smooth-surfaced and rounded, allowing no sharp edges at all. This also makes the container more comfortable as well as safe.

These uniquely-constructed transport cages reflect the workmanship, individuality, quality and appearance which reflect the historical standard that made products bearing the “Made in Germany”-slogan a global trademark for excellence.

Is it any wonder that that G.K.’s customers have more often than not selected these extraordinary transport cages for their animals, particularly the super-sized ones? G.K. team’s forty years’ experience always takes this into account when preparing all animals for shipment. This is why G.K. Airfreight customers rely on us with confidence since 1971.

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