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A red panda to Dublin

Angelina is a red panda. GK Air team transported its small passenger to the Emerald Ile. The zoo Berlin Tierpark was the client and had already coordinated everything for a smooth transport of the little bear. "We like to work with Tierpark Berlin", says Kay Wissenbach, managing director of G.K. Air. "Once again everything worked out perfectly. Although such flights are no daily route for many of them we really do enjoy seeing to that the little passengers arrive safely at their new home," continues Wissenbach. "The special transport boxes we use for these transports have been proved by IATA and thus comply with the standards of the umbrella organisation of airlines."

The red pandas are a lot smaller than their better known namesake, however they are not really related to the giant panda. The red or lesser panda is defined as a bear cat because, like a cat, it licks itself clean. Its size or better length is little more than a meter, of which one half is the tail. It eats mainly bamboo. Therefore, panda Angelina got a big amount of bamboo shoots on her journey to the zoo in Dublin.

The number of red pandas living in the zoo in Dublin varies a lot depending on whether there are pups or not. As soon as the pups are old enough to live on their own, they are normally transferred to other zoos to secure progeny.

Berlin Tierpark is the largest landscape zoo in Europe. It covers an area of 160 hectares with generous outdoor enclosures for ungulate herds and big lakes for geese and flamingos. But there are also impressive animal houses such as the Alfred-Brehm-House for big cats and tropical birds.

Every year, a million or so visitors come to the Tierpark right at the heart of Berlin.

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