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Dog transportation to all competitions in the world

A dog with a whole lot of requirements - The German Shepherd belongs to the working dog breeds and thus to those dogs, which can be used most diversely.

From this assignment it is already clear that the German shepherd is a dog for a variety of applications. In addition to his original remit as a herding dog, the most representative of this race today as a sporting and family dog, service and protection dog, rescue and therapy dog or even guide dog use. If the training serves one part of the breeding range, it also offers an opportunity for most dog-related sports activities both for people and for other dogs in varying divisions. As in other sports, regional competitions are also held as well as national championships and ultimately also world championships in the WUSV (World Union of German Shepherd Dog).

For breeders and dog athletes, participation in international events has become increasingly important in recent years. There are now half a million German Shepherd Dog breeders worldwide as well as owners in Shepherd national associations all collected under the umbrella of the WUSV and networked together.

As an umbrella organization, the WUSV has grown since its foundation in the mid-seventies to 82 member associations in 73 countries. For the members it is all about the main points in terms of breeding and training German Shepherd dogs. A standardised implementation of the breeding standards is necessary and the alignment of positions in order to assess the individual achievements in the fields of breeding and training. Furthermore, under international conventions current issues concerning the health and preservation of the characteristic working dog are discussed. This internationalism calls for an increased willingness to travel from the clubs and their members. Participation in events all over the world not only takes up much time it also means a considerable financial burden.

Since 2009, G.K. Air, serves the German SV-team regularly in the management of travel to and from the competitions and also take over sponsorship duties. So the German team will naturally be kitted out with all additional equipment for the international team competitions. For G.K. Air there are a number of reasons for this commitment, with the absolute joy of flying a German sports team to all competitions around the world, in the foreground.

The transport of dogs is a matter of experience for us. GK Air team boasts more than four proud decades of expertise in this field. Not only the best and appropriate IATA Certified kennels are in indication of our professionalism. But also creating confidence that your precious animals reach their destination around the world safely and stress-free.

Only when all the conditions fit, can excellence be achieved on an international par.
Shepherd dogs shipped to the WUSV World Championships.

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