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Dog transport of two terriers to China

Had they not relied on G.K. Airfreight’s 40 years’ expert experience in transporting dogs worldwide, including China, the owners of two terriers, Maja and Robbie, would in all likelihood not have had their beloved dogs arrive with them in China when they relocated there.

Pet transportation is never to be undertaken lightly regardless of destination. But when it comes to moving a pet to the People’s Republic of China, it is essential to plan every single detail and be prepared to contend with any imaginable situation. Much of what occurs when transporting dogs and other animals to other countries such as the United States transpires effortlessly. However, things work differently in China.

The dogs’ owners were coming from their German home to China on a temporary job assignment and did not want to forsake their 10-year old terriers for even a relatively brief period. The dogs would have to come with them. Anywhere else, this matter of a temporary relocation for an employee with two dogs and would be of little concern, a mere nod of the head, as it were.
But -- not in China! For instance, the Chinese government’s “one child per family” policy also pertains to pets as well as people. Fortunately for Maja and Robbie’s owners, their “Dad’s” lady friend was coming along as well, so that both dogs could be admitted.

One has to be very well prepared for such a long trip, and that does not just apply to the formalities and the health certificates, but even more so for the dogs’ transportation cages. Matters of which size cage is appropriate, what should be included in the cage, and whether or not should the dogs eat prior to the flight, were all important. All of these questions posed by the owners were answered right upfront in Frankfurt. Having been made aware of these matters online well in advance via the Gradlyn Kennels’ internet pages, the right cages were very quickly located as well as the usual formalities cleared up well ahead of time.

It is not often that a client’s trip abroad with accompanying pets winds up engaging the efforts of G.K. personnel occupying an entire floor, but even this unusual effort by the whole team demonstrates how openly engaged the G.K. Air team is when it comes to correct, sensitive animal transportation.

Making the trip to Frankfurt was certainly worth the owners’ effort especially when it came time to plan such a complicated journey in a timely manner sufficiently in advance. This “personal preview” also gave them the opportunity to experience first-hand their terriers “travel agents” in action personally. The success of the action confirmed once again that G.K Airfreight Services, GmbH, four decades’ experience in
pet transportation as well as shipping zoo animals and breeding animals worldwide pays off.