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Canadian beavers in an airplane

Goods delivered- Job done!

wo Canadian beavers are alive and kicking, having arrived safely in their crates to London. A trip like this might be considered something special to the two VIP flight passengers, whereas for the team, it’s almost an everyday thing. And even when beavers are not necessarily the order of the day, their transport is still routinely planned. What makes a beaver trip special is the transport housing. The interiors of the crates are lined with stable metal sheeting to prevent the little creatures from literally gnawing their crates to shreds while being shipped. Rodents are by no means passive little creature, not even out in nature. So extra special caution must be taken as nothing can be worse than the animals hurting themselves while trying to escape from their crates. Forty years of experience in air animal transport has finally paid off once our beavers have arrived healthy and stress free in their place of destination.

The journey of the zoo animals that originally came from a zoo in North Germany began in Frankfurt before going to London. The Frankfurter airport is not only the most important hub in Germany; it also houses the largest animal station to date in the world. On a global scale this is one of the cornerstones of a species-appropriate, fully monitored animal transport. Once arrived in London the beavers are picked up and brought directly to their destination, the London Zoo.

Hardly a day has passed since their journey began and the beavers have already arrived safely in their new environs in England. Now begins the phase of adaptation for the little Canadian nationals and the specialized transport crates from GK Air are ready and waiting for new passengers.