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Bengal cat Manu flies to Manila

Travel abroad in far distant lands is a wonderful thing.

However, relocation to a far-off continent is another matter, a real challenge, especially if a beloved pet house cat is part of the move and all the arrangements have to be made long-distance and through third parties. G.K. Air Pet Shipping is known for resourceful solutions to animal transport problems. It makes no difference whether it entails a pet or a zoo animal, be it mammal, bird, fish or reptile. With 40-years’ experience and expertise, Gradlyn Kennels Animal Transportation Services headquartered in Hesse in the heart of Germany knows what to do and how to do it – regardless of distance or destination.

In this case, Manu, a three-year old Bengel cat, (who resembles a small, characteristically spotted leopard rather than a pussycat,) was residing temporarily at her mistresses’ friend’s apartment in Wiesbaden, Germany while her “mom” was already in far off in the Philippines, decorating their new home.

That accomplished it was time for Manu to rejoin her family. G.K. Air took over all the arrangements as discussed well in advance with the family. All of the appropriate documents were obtained including the all-import health certificate. A correctly-sized transportation cage in compliance with the specifications of the International Airlines Association (IATA) was made ready. A day ahead of departure, Manu was brought to Frankfurt Airport by her caretaker and given a final physical examination and had her shot record reviewed.

G.K.’s managing director Kay Wissenbach avers that, “ Coordination with the animal department at Frankfurt Airport is exemplary – from top to bottom from arrival to loading the aircraft to departure and take-off.” (As G.K. Air’s headquarters is right there at Frankfurt Airport it is no wonder that well-practiced teamwork between and G.K. and FRAPORT operates so smoothly at mainland Europe’s busiest air hub.)

There being no difficulties of any sort, there was nothing further to do than to have Manu visit the Frankfurt Airport’s Animal Lounge, the world’s most modern animal pre-flight holding area, to await her check-in following the arrival of her importation certificate from Manila. Miss Manu was now ready to depart on her long trip to her new home. Arriving at Manila Airport, safe and sound, Manu the world-traveling feline entered the final leg of her long journey, a boat trip to the island of Mindoro where she her mistress was yearning to see her.

“True it was a long journey but with proper, thorough planning even a relocation with a pet can be satisfactorily accomplished and every challenge overcome,” says Wissenbach."

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