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A service with potential

Dog breeders around the world all have a similar problem: How to get their pedigree dogs into the hands of a competent agent that will deliver their dogs to their new owners without the usual hassle?

G.K. Airfreight relies on a "pick-up service," now offered for the first time this year in Belgium. Over forty years of experience in the transportation of all kinds of animals with a multi lingual staff at their disposal and a large and growing list of existing contacts all come in handy to support the breeders in their charge.

Being the European hub airport it is considered a matter of course that Frankfurt offers private breeders an exclusive and low-cost transfer to and from the airport. Belgian shepherd dogs are amongst the most highly sought-after export dogs in the world and as it is up to the breeder to develop and build contacts with prospective or new owners, it is also their responsibility ensure a reliable transport of the Shepherds dogs.
These elegant-looking dogs and most valuable assets should have nothing lacking on their stress free passage to whichever destination, and of course we at G.K. Air find it is of monumental importance that the voyage should be kept as short and as possible.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog breeders therefore insist on more than just a tad of professionalism. A reliable and well-planned journey is expected. Every two weeks, the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association coordinates the transportation of dogs to Frankfurt. To ensure that all runs well, the breeders retain their dogs’ health certificates in advance so that the ensuing transport can be orchestrated smoothly and without additional time-consuming checks for the dogs. As soon as such formalities have been taken care of, the Belgian shepherd dogs are transported across Europe and North Africa in shock absorbing, air-conditioned specialised vehicles. The dogs are brought to the animal station at Frankfurt airport by experienced drivers, who have been working for GK Air animal transport now for at least over ten years. Doing business amongst the many forwarding agents on the international market clearly shows up the emphasis on professionalism and experience with which animals are cared for, verifying how the animal station at Frankfurt Airport can still come to be deemed the best in the world.

Even in the final hours before the flight, the dogs have free run under skilled supervision and are not forced to wait in their box.
G.K. Air team is clearly: A Service with Potential.