Animal transport for the private customer

Advice for the safe transport of household pets

"What must I consider when my pet has to travel on a plane?" Here you can find some practical professional tips to help with planning the proces.

A family reunion, a change of job, a project abroad – nowadays there can be a host of different reasons for a change of location. The questions which arise with such a move are always the same for each pet owner:

  • When should I start planning?
  • What rules and regulations apply?
  • What issues do I have to consider?
  • What’s the safest way to ensure my best friend arrives at the new destination?

GRADLYN Pet shipping can provide the answer to all your questions. In over 40 years, our transport experts have delivered almost every kind animal safely and comfortably from A to B. So when it comes to transporting animals, there’s almost nothing our experienced team won’t have encountered before.

Many airlines also have their own regulations regarding dog transport. Any dog which is legally described as a "fighting dog" must be transported in a special box. These are constructed from strong wood and come with specially designed grilles, so that a dog who becomes bored during transit will not be able to escape. GRADLYN’s expert assessment provides invaluable support and assistance to the dog owner, because it’s only when a transport box meets airline requirements that this hurdle can be overcome and the safe and stress-free transportation of the dog can take place.

Advice on timing and procedure

To be well-prepared, an animal transport must be planned well in advance, so always start your planning in good time!

  • Thirty days before your scheduled date of departure, our experts from GRADLYN’s Export Department will discuss the journey details with you. They will explain all the forms required and the supporting documents which will be required during the process.
  • The animal should not be given any food on the day of the flight, because a well-meant meal or a "reassuring" treat can lead to unintended stomach upsets during take-off and landing. So it’s therefore best if the tummy is not too full!

GRADLYN Pet shipping always allow plenty of time to advise pet owners on any questions, worries, fears or uncertainties they may have. Because animals and their owners should not only have a safe journey, they should enjoy a memorable experience too.

Gradlyn Pet shipping – your pet will be in good hands travelling with us.




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