Advice on the use of sedatives in animal transport

Do pets require sedatives during flight transport?

Giving your four-legged friend a sedative is sadly misplaced animal love!

The provisions are very clear: The Airlines Association (IATA) has placed a ban on the transport of animals who have been given sedatives.

In the interests of animal welfare, airport controls are very strict. If the statutory requirements are disregarded or not fulfilled, your pet may not be allowed to fly. This may result in a compulsory stay at the airport, and perhaps also incur significant additional costs (e.g. flight cancellation fees, a new flight booking, the cost of further care in the Animal Lounge etc.). In addition there is the extra stress, your pet will endure because of the extended waiting time.

Therefore, we request that you help us by not risking the health of your animal by administering any kind of sedative. Our experts and travel guides are very experienced in dealing with animals, and will make the flight a pleasant experience for your little darling, without the use of a "chemical cosh".

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