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Zootransport of a small art-protected serie star

One of our well known zoo customers gave us the order to fly little Murphy, a protected small-clawed otter, to his new home, a Tenerife zoo. Murphy, by now TV star, his female otter friend Kahli and his foster mom were accompanied by a camera team of the German TV channel VOX. We’d booked the flight and issued all transport documents long before the scheduled departure date and Murphy’s sky kennel - an exclusive customized cage - fulfilled all requirements imposed by IATA. Animals, and even more protected little Murphy, ALWAYS fly first class in cargo!

Murphy arrived very shortly before his departure almost too late to be boarded. This was not the fault of Murphy’s airs and graces but of the responsible persons on two legs. Following his arrival we did the final export and customs clearance, so Murphy and his family were allowed to fly to Tenerife without any problems. In spite of all time pressure one thing is essential and never to be neglected: full attention and due diligence in order to ensure the next steps run smoothly.

After the shooting in our offices we were able to take Murphy, his foster mom and Khali to their flight to Tenerife. 4 hours later we were welcomed on the sunny Tenerife airfield. After we said goodbye to Murphy and Murphy said goodbye to Hollywood, he now lives in a zoo once more. Though he fancies mussels, frogs’ legs, shellfishes and sun bathing for hours a lot more these days he’s still a down-to-earth guy.

The whole story of Murphy, his flight and arrival in Tenerife has been broadcasted by VOX ‘Wildes Wohnzimmer’ several times.

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