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Transport of koi ornamental fish from Japan

The valuable Koi carp which range from fifty to seventy years old, are enjoying more and more popularity outside of Japans’ Koi stronghold. 

Of these, the smaller fish, which arrive in Europe by Transport box, are still a long way away. While still quite small, but in larger numbers, the baby Koi fish are shipped by air freight from Japan to Europe, making stop in Frankfurt Airport.

The cargo alone carrying 1500 fish weighed some 1100 kilograms. Paul Lenertz and Maurice Martin from the GK Airfreight team took care of the cargo.

The animals, which can later grow up to one meter in size are packed in special crates and transported in stable plastic bags filled with nutrient-rich water.

20 of these bags fit into a crate.

These exclusive and extremely sensitive fish have already existed in Japan more than 2,500 years ago. Their actual origins are not without controversy, yet one thing is clear, they must be protected from all shocks during the journey if they are to arrive well.

For one, their travel bags should suffer no harm. And for the other as stress-free as any way possible so that the fish can safely survive the long journey from Asia to Europe.

The transport bags are prepared so that the fish can easily live up to 48 hours in the water, without having to be replaced.
Good preparation and constantly keeping a watchful eye on the cargo is paramount.
Should there be any delays, the water is routinely checked and all nutrients are replenished.
A perfectly concise preparation is necessary, as well as proper communications with customs and health services serve as a good basis for the animal transport to take place within the targeted time frame and without any hitches.
The scaly travellers are transported in special hydraulic vehicles by our G.K. Air team and then shipped off to their respective customers. The Frankfurt Airport hub guarantees a quick professional execution of the job and assures a gentle species-specific shipment across the globe.

Right from the onset at their breeders, to when they later arrive at the collectors, Kois are given much attention. Koi are very susceptible to parasites, so these valuable fish are kept in crystal-clear water.
In addition, experienced breeders and collectors expect 1000 litres of water per fish. This is the only way to grow a Koi, because size and drawing ultimately determine the special value of the large carp.