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Red panda transport to London

The day started early on the sixth of June for the one year old panda bear.

His journey began at half past twelve at night by stepping into his spacious transport box and then proceed on to Frankfurt by special vehicle accommodated by G.K. Airfreight Service. This was the young red panda bears’ first long trip from Gorlitz zoo, which took place in an air-conditioned animal transport vehicle all across Germany and then finally by plane on to London.

The red pandas are much smaller than their better-known relatives sharing the name. But they are not necessarily related to each other in the truest sense of the word. The Red Panda or Small Panda trades under the name of panda, yet he is just like a cat, also using licking to clean himself. He is also only just over a meter tall, or rather long, because his tail makes up half of his body size.

As herbivores, the red panda loves to eat bamboo. The one-year old Panda Bear was therefore spoilt with a healthy supply of bamboo shoots on its journey to Regents Park London. Zoo-animal transporting is as a rule usually clarified down to the smallest detail by the respective participating parties. Health papers, veterinarian controls and quarantine periods are carefully reviewed and planned. These routine and necessary procedures all facilitate the smooth transport of animals from the mainland to the British Isle. After a short flight from Frankfurt to London the red panda bear safely landed in England, and reached its new home.