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Charter transport

70 service dogs for the Chinese customs authority

Together with our German and Chinese partners, the complicated charter flight to Kunming, China was a complete success.There is no direct flight from Frankfurt to Kunming, but the Chinese government insisted on a direct flight for the welfare of the animal/dog.
This problem had to be solved and as always, we found a suitable solution.
The service dogs were also to be accompanied to China by our managing director Kay Wissenbach.

After the 70 German service dogs had been purchased, all shepherd dogs, Rottweilers, pointer, and Labradors were taken to the quarantine organised by us.
During the quarantine period, the German delegation prepared the dogs for all Chinese regulations.
Vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis and leptospirosis were among them. Various laboratory tests were also carried out and then nothing more stood in the way of shipping.

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Temporal transport requirements had to be dealt with, such as the collection of the large number of dogs from the quarantine station and the inspection of all service dogs.
As always, our Gradlyn team handled the complex processing at Frankfurt Airport and the air-conditioned loading onto the aircraft on the tarmac very well. A special "thank you" again at this point to the Frankfurt Animal Protection Department of Fraport, which supervised the loading on the aeroplane/runway.

Arriving in Kunming I had to smile, says Kay Wissenbach. The plane's door opened and there stood the Chinese television and some photographers. A storm of flash photography.... that's what a Hollywood star feels like, I thought. Well...
An unparalleled amount of press coverage, this show seems to have been something really special.

After the dogs were unloaded from the plane, they were immediately cleared through customs and checked by the airport veterinarian.
We supplied the dogs with drinking water and brought them to the designated kennel of the customs authorities with several disinfected vehicles.
China is always worth a visit... because in Kunming I visited a 600-year-old temple and gave thanks in my own way that everything went well.

All dogs are in good health, thanks again to all involved!